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Online now: ECMI Annual Programme 2017

The Annual Programme 2017 of the ECMI is now online! The publication contains information on planned activities and initiatives in research and Action for 2017.
What is the ECMI team planning for 2017? What are our Focus Points? How do we plan to promote minority rights throughout the next year? The ECMI Annual Programme 2017 outlines few highlights for the upcoming year, including ongoing research and action oriented projects and the planned initiatives within the ECMI research clusters. ECMI Eastern Partnership Programme (EPP), the ECMI involvement in Western Balkans, offices in Kosovo and Caucasus, research initiatives at headquarters in Flensburg, training activities and newly launched Erasmus+ project on “Teaching in Diversity” are among some of the milestones.
Traditionally, the ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Tove Malloy welcomes the readers in a foreword: “Welcome to our Annual Programme 2017. The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) is entering its third decade of work with a number of new skills and enhanced knowledge acquired to meet the demands of the ever-changing landscape of minority issues and protection in Europe. The rise of populism in a number of countries across Europe requires us to focus more on democratic education and awareness raising as well as media ethics, while the processes of EU association and in/direct conditionality calls for institution building in transition countries. Through knowledge transfer, we will continue to disseminate good practice examples and teach the European legal framework on minority protection. Eastern Europe will be our main focus again in 2017 with intensified activities in Ukraine. We have also returned to the Western Balkans with a special focus on social rights, and this initiative will be developed further in 2017. As always, we welcome dialogue with our partners and look forward to cooperating with you.”
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